Polycarbonate Roof Sheets Polycarbonate Roof Sheets are most commonly used in the construction of conservatory roof systems. Traditionally conservatory roofs were made with glass panels and in later years made double glazed panels. The reason for the wide spread use of Polycarbonate Roof Sheets is durability, ease of installation, weight and lastly cost. Polycarbonate also have the added advantage of some thermal properties, especially on the thicker multi wall sheets. Why use Polycarbonate Roof Sheets? Polycarbonate is an extremely strong material and is even used in the construction of commercial airliner windscreens. A typical Polycarbonate Roof Sheet has two or more walls and channels running top to bottom allowing moisture and air to move freely between the upper and lower sheet. This means that the air gap does not get algae growth and when breather tape is used to seal the ends insects are also eliminated from the inside of […]

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UPVC Windows Norfolk

UGOBUILD, on the Norfolk / Suffolk border have a wide range of UPVC windows to choose from. All colours are available, and any size can be ordered. Designed with the client in mind, our windows and doors will enhance the look of your property, last for years and improve your home’s energy efficiency, helping you save money on your heating bills. With our location being easy to find near Felixstowe, getting your new windows has never been easier. We design your UPVC windows fast If you don’t have a design our window designers can take your window measurements and tap the sizes into our computer system. Within a short time you will get a detailed quote with all the sizes, style and prices shown in an easy to understand quote. We don’t employ any sales people and the guys in the office know all the technical specifications of the windows […]

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Windows & Doors

Guttering – Suffolk

Guttering in many styles If you are looking for Guttering in Suffolk then UGOBUILD is the place for you. We stock a wide range of guttering commonly used in Suffolk, such as Ogee, Square or Squareline, Half Round, Deepflow, Extra Deep Flow, Shed Guttering and Cast Iron Effect Guttering. We stock gutting in a range of colours All our guttering comes in Black, White, Brown, Grey and Anthracite Grey. We can also get some styles in Green, Blue and Red to special order. What about Galvanised Guttering? We can order Galvanised Guttering in many colours, call for details. Is Plastic Guttering Guaranteed? Yes, most of our Plastic Guttering ranges are Guaranteed for 50 Years. See details below.

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Gutter Suffolk

Looking for Gutter in Suffolk? At UGOBUILD Building & DIY Supplies we stock the most comprehensive range of Gutter within a 20 mile radius of Felixstowe, Suffolk. Our range of Gutter includes Standard Half Round Gutter, Deepflow, Ogee, Squareline, Miniflow, Cast Iron Effect and ExtraFlow high capacity gutter, along with all the gutter fittings. We can also order any other type of gutter in any make, range or colour. Colours include White, Grey, Anthracite Grey, Black and Brown, all in stock. For more information on our range of Gutter & Downpipe pop in and chat with a member of staff or call 01473 487 487. Alternatively send an email to sales@ugobuild.com or fill in the contact form.  

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Solder Ring Copper Fittings

Solder Ring Copper Fittings

Brass Bib Tap Hose

Hose Union Bib Tap – 1/2″

Window & Door Brands

Fascia, Guttering, & Underground Drainage - Specialists in Polycarbonate Roof Sheets, UPVC Windows & Doors in Ipswich, Stowmarket & Felixstowe & throughout Suffolk