Acrylic Sheet, sometimes known as Glodex flat Acrylic glazing sheet, is a completely clear extruded plastic sheet which is suitable for glazing applications. Glodex Acrylic sheet can be use with one side facing out and is “UV1” (one of the faces has UV protection), which prevents the sheet from discolouration over time in sunlight.

Our Acrylic sheet is transparent (more than 90% light transmission) and although it is not as strong as Polycarbonate sheet it is still 10 times stronger than non-toughened glass, whilst still less than half the weight of an equivalent glass glazing sheet. It will withstand swings in temperature, and the action of saltwater and wind. Acrylic sheet is easy to saw, cut and drill.

In addition to the Glodex tradename, Acrylic glazing sheet is known under several others, such as Perspex, Plexiglass, Lucite and Optix. Sheets come supplied with a protective film on both surfaces, which is removed before installation. Please note that the side with the printed film is the UV protected side.

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